Novopecherski Lypky – it’s a prestigious residential business class complex located in the Pechersk district of Kyiv.

It covers an area ​​over 25 hectares in the historical, cultural and business center of the capital city.

A huge part of the territory is covered with parks and green areas.

The uniqueness of multifunctional and developed infrastructure allows everyone to live there comfortably without leaving this “city within a city”.

Novopecherski Lypky is considered to be the most green complex in the city, with a very developed infrastructure including shopping, entertainment, sports, educational and social facilities.

Novopecherski Lypky is designed for the convenience of its inhabitants, up to the smallest details.

The residential complex is situated in a close proximity to the central road arteries of the city – Druzhby Narodiv boulevard,  Lesi Ukrainky boulevard , Mykhailo Boychuka street, Zaliznodorozhne highway. Convenient transportation and the nearest metro station “Druzhby Narodiv ” eliminate the problem of transport accessibility.

All the distances to main directions are very short: 5 minutes to the subway, 25 minutes to Borispol international airport, 15 minutes to Khreschatyk Street, 7 minutes to Ocean Plaza mall.

The consistent high quality of construction, the use of environmentally friendly materials, the use of the latest technologies in construction, strict deadlines in construction  – these are  the components of  success of the  residential complex  Novopecherski Lypky.

Everyone can see the quality of construction just now – six turns of the complex (22 buildings) are already built and inhabited by tenants.

Fresh air and parks zones coexist with the developed infrastructure of the complex: SPA- salon , premium  class fitness club Gymmaxx, sport and playgrounds , football field, coffee shop, bakeries, shops , bank, pharmacy, dry cleaner, British International School, kindergarten, children’s art house, UTA – a tennis academy etc.

Day and night guard posts and access control system at the territory of the complex allow its residents feel safe and comfortable.

Advantages of the residential complex  Novopecherski Lypky:

  • Location in the prestigious district of Kiev
  • Convenient transportation – 3 major traffic arteries in the neighborhood: Druzhby Narodiv boulevard,  Lesi Ukrainky boulevard, Zaliznodorozhne highway. It is planned to build a new road through the whole complex.
  • The proximity to the Botanic Gardens named by Grishko
  • Complex is a single architectural ensemble
  • Underground parking at a ratio of 1:1.3
  • Developed infrastructure within the complex
  • Green landscape zone – a third part of the complex is reserved for parks and recreation areas
  • Current approaches and technologies in engineering and technical equipment of the complex
  • Wide range of planning decisions of the apartments

“Novopecherski Lypky” complex description:

  • Total area: 25 ha
  • Total area under construction: 684,014 square meters
  • Total area of the residential complex: 481,781 square meters
  • General parking area: 140,047 square meters
  • Public area: 22,026 square meters
  • Total area of ​​apartments: 351 853 square meters
  • Number of floors: 6-30 floors per building
  • Commercial area: 39,555 square meters
  • Number of apartments: 3,878
  • Number of parking spaces: 3991